Hair Complete Refill 400Ml

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For shiny, bouncy, silky-smooth, lustrous hair! The common complaint about organic hair care is that it is difficult for organic products to combine a great feel with functionality. ORMONICA has been developing and combining various plant components to bring out each s characteristics and charm. Our shampoo, hair treatments, and hair oil are formulated with a balance of naturally-derived components. The hair care products we provide are ideal for that finished feel that is lacking from so many other organic hair care products. We would like everyone to try our products and experience shiny, hydrated and silky-smooth hair that will surely be beyond your expectations. Hair Complete is a special hair treatment to use with ORMONICA Organic Shampoo. It has been a terrific challenge to enhance the feeling of comfort and cleanliness of the hair after using an organic treatment. Therefore, there are many organic treatment products in the market that rely on the use of silicon. Fastidious users of organic and non-silicon hair care products are said to use hair oil along with their regular products to take care of dry stiff hair. ORMONICA s hair treatment, Hair Complete is certainly non-silicon. The optimal formula of naturally-derived components has succeeded in surpassing the barriers of non-silicon treatment. Using Hair Complete and ORMONICA Organic Shampoo together results in a high-quality finish, with hair that is shiny, bouncy, smooth and hydrated.

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