Color Treatment Garnet Red 200G

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More than 90 % of ingredients are treated with color butter. Treatment is a treatment color containing dyed hair dye. Suguremono that makes hair color while hair care is not hurt hair treatment. Every time you shampoo it will be naturally beautiful in color, hence it's easy to change color greatly. Magic Treatment which performs hair coloring and treatment at the same time. You can dye hair sufficiently and uniformly with no unevenness from the roots to the tips which the hair dye is applied. This hair butter dyes by replenishing colors and you can use even for extended or permed hair. You can also mix different colors. How to use: Remove the moisture with a towel after shampoo, uniformly apply to the whole hair, rub well. Combs and fingers are OK. Lap and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes. It is said that there is more treatment effect when warming with a dryer, etc. It is completed by washing away.

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