Clear Lotion 160Ml

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Disorder of hormonal balance such as stress and menstruation, skin problems caused by drying, etc. and skin troubles such as acne. The Odemge series removes accumulated dirt and sebum, cleanses it, and moisturizes it to lead to a healthy skin that does not easily cause such skin troubles. Remove extra dirt / sebum from the skin and clean it. Anti-inflammatory ingredients prevent skin. Sterilize the causative bacteria of acne and prepare it for skin that is difficult for acne. Effects: Skin roughness, sexuality, rash, cracks, acne prevention. Tighten your skin. Clean skin. Treat skin. Keep skin healthy. Provide moisture to the skin. How to use: Use it after cleansing the skin. Include an appropriate amount in synthetic, wipe gently to dissolve the dirt of your skin. When acne is made, include plenty of cotton, pack on acne. After that, do usual skincare. You can use it even if you let it get on with your hand like a lotion.

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