Thai Harbal Facial Compress 50G X 2 Pcs

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Easy to use with charming pictograms, simple usage instructions and more in English, Japanese and Chinese. 6 different herbal compresses, herbal pillows and sachets for complete head-to-toe care. Each shoe can be used in the microwave or refrigerator for hot or cold application. Natural textiles that invite touch and effortlessly transmit the healing scent of our signature blend. Handmade and created with care and artisanal attention to detail. Active Ingredients: Prai Anti-inflammatory, induces deep relaxation Turmeric - Antibacterial, antifungal Mangosteen Anti Ageing, anti-inflammatory Wild turmeric Banish oily skin, removes dark-colored circle Aloe Vera - Provides wound healing, anti-inflammatory Acacia Antiseptic Rice Relieves pain, retains heat Tamarind Anti-Inflammatory White clay Removes dead skin cells, nourishing Ingredients: Zingiber Cassumunar Roxb. (Prai), Curcuma Longa Linn. (Turmeric), Garcinia Mangostana (Mangosteen) Peel Extract, Curcuma Zedoaria Roxb. (Wild Turmeric), Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera), Acacia Concinna (Acacia), Oryza Sativa (Rice) Seed Powder (Organic certified), Tamarindus Indica Linn. (Tamarind), White Kaolinite (White Clay) How to Use: Soak and knead compress in a bowl of water for 2 minutes. Place compress in a steamer for 10 minutes or microwave for approx 1-2 minutes. Apply compress in quick, light rubbing motion all over the body to distribute heat and enjoy. Do not use overheated compress Store cooled-down compress in a tightly-sealed bag in a cool and dry place after use. Pack Size - 50g x 2 pcs

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