Esthe Fact White Gel V10 50G

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A white all-in-one gel that enhances the moisture retention of summer skin and enhances the beauty of water light is powered up. A total of 16 types of vitamin ingredients and 4 kinds of ceramide, placenta, and arbutin as moisture and gloss improve ingredients lead to shining beautiful skin. How to use: Please use on clean skin. Stretch from the center of the face to the outside with both palms. Apply to the neck and d collet that may dry out. If you feel dry, use 2-3 push as a guide. The standard amount for packing is 3 pushes. Pack for 3 minutes and then blend into your skin. Please be careful not to rub too hard to prevent strain on the skin. To eliminate the difference between the face and neck decollete, push 2 to 3 pushes from the neck to the decollete line. Pack Size - 50g

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