Kokuryu Black Dragon Face Cream Silver Thread 35G

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Ideal for dry skin, a medicated cream with excellent moisturizing power. It firmly protects the moisture of the skin and continues moisturizing for a long time. The next day, it will make skin with good makeup. How to use: After preparing the skin with lotion etc etc., extend the appropriate amount (1 piece of pearl grain) over the whole face. Adjust the amount of stickiness where you care about the amount. As a massage cream: Massage by stretching the proper amount (2 pearls guide) from the face to the neck. Add a quantity when feeling friction. After massage, treat excess oil with tissue etc. and prepare the skin with lotion. As a body cream: Center on the hands, elbows, heels, use it in the area you care about drying. As a makeup base: At the end of the skin care, before the sun block, extend the appropriate amount (one grain of rice) and use it. If you care about the oil, lightly with a tissue. As a point cream: Extend the appropriate amount to the lips and eyes where drying is concerned. Pack Size - 35g

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