Head Spa Handpro Head Line Type 1 Pc

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HEAD SPA series from Mantensha! Head Spa Handpro makes you relaxed at a bathing time or in your room! How to use: Put the protruding part against the scalp along the head line and raise it up with pushing. You use this Head Line type while shampooing as well. Precautions For use Please stop using it when you have eczema, scars, swelling, etc. on the scalp. Make sure you avoid using if you have alleargies such as atopy. Make sure you avoid using for a very long time, and if you feel any abnormal skin condition, stop using it immediately and consult with your dermatologist. Please do not continue to hold down the same place strongly, otherwise you might harm your scalp or health. Please do not use the bruh for children. Please do not use it concurrently with styling agents. Depending on the styling agent, but the brush might be deformed by the agent.

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