Bath Milk 20Ml 5 Types

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Softly wrap your entire body with soft water containing pure sericin, a natural moisturizing ingredient born from persimmon. Prevents drying out of the bath and gives a moist and smooth finish. Wrapped in white silk hot water and fragrance full of originality. How to use: Take 1 bath in bath water (150-200L). After getting out of the bath, your skin will be moist and smooth. It is recommended that you apply body cream to keep the effect over time. Sulfur that damages the bathtub and bath tub is not included. Avoid use in marble tubs and 24-hour baths. After use, drain hot water as soon as possible and wash it with water. The remaining hot water can be used for shampooing and washing, use fresh water for rinsing. Pack Size - 20ml

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