Ultimune Powerizing Set Limited Edition 50Ml X 2

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Ultimune Power Rising Concentrate N Serum 50ml x 1 Ultimune Power Rising Concentrate N Serum 50ml Refill x 1 Strong beauty created. At any moment, keeps your skin healthy. Understand the key to nurturing inner skin defense even in harsh environments. Immun generation technology, which conserves the vitality of the natural world, prepares not only for the present but also for the future. For skin that is full of smooth, fresh and unwavering beauty. How to use: At the beginning of use, press the dispenser several times slowly until the contents appear. After use, wipe the mouth of the container clean and close the cap properly. Please do not put in the place of the sun or the high temperature. Make sure you set the dispenser as it is, without washing it. Do not transfer the contents remaining in the previous container to the refill container. Dispensers other than Ultimune Powerizing Concentrate N 50mL size cannot be used. Be certain to purchase a new body after replacing two or three times to use it cleanly.

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